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You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you need to focus on what’s important to stay there. That’s where we come in. The need to protect against risks extends well beyond business. Lack of coverage can affect you, your family, and your personal assets. Are you protected?

We offer VIP personal coverage, which creatively provides customized solutions. We’re in this together.

Residential and Vacation Residence Insurance

Your home and assets are intrinsic to your comfort and that of your family. This insurance provides liability and physical damage coverage to homes, detached private structures, and contents in the event of an insurable loss. In the event of a claim, you need to consider additional expenses incurred over and above day to day living. Incurring a loss is hard, but this can help prevent it from being devastating.

Watercraft Insurance

Your sea legs are ready – is your policy? Watercraft insurance provides coverage for liability – unintentional bodily injury and property damage - while on the water, including physical damage to a personal watercraft.

Private Automobile Insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides liability and physical damage coverage to a vehicle that is driven for personal purposes. Antique and classic cars? We've got you covered.

Family Event Cancellation Insurance

The cancellation of a family event is disappointing enough – let's do what we can to reduce its impact on you and your loved ones. This insurance provides coverage for losses that arise from an event being cancelled, postponed or interrupted.

Personal (Excess) Liability Insurance

We never know what life has in store and significant events can happen quickly. Personal injury claims and lawsuits can be substantial, costing you both time and money. An umbrella personal liability policy is a special form designed to provide excess insurance. It helps cover costs associated with a third-party claim or lawsuit resulting from property damage or bodily injury that is in excess of the liability limits on standard auto or property policies.   

Family Travel Insurance

Are you looking forward to an upcoming trip? This insurance provides coverage for injury, sickness, or death that occurs while one is away from their province or country of residence. Out-of-country medical expenses can be excessive - family travel insurance provides assurance that these expenses won’t be a burden while you’re on vacation. Extra coverages may be purchased, such as trip cancellation or interruption, and lost or damaged baggage.

Farm Insurance

If you’re running a farm, you’re aware of the daily challenges. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage to the dwelling, farm outbuildings, stock, equipment, machinery, and tools associated with the operation of a farm, as well as liability coverage on the listed farmland. We can also arrange for separate Livestock and Crop insurance coverage.
Our clients are important to us – we're here to help protect you, your family, and your personal assets.
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With years of experience customizing coverage for VIP clients, Coby understands the risks and is here to help. 

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