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As your partner in risk mitigation, we go above and beyond to support you and your team. Our relationships with leading personal insurance providers allow our clients’ employees to access important coverages. With EQUA, you can immediately offer your team value and protection
Through BOXX Insurance, employees of EQUA’s clients access all-in-one family cyber protection and insurance coverages. With Economical Insurance, employees of EQUA’s clients have access to discounted personal home and auto, as well as pet insurance. 

This isn't big insurance - this a team of experts looking out for you and your success. 

All-in-One Family Cyber Protection & Insurance

With BOXX Insurance, individuals receive the same support as corporations. EQUA's employees can choose between three family cyber protection packages, built to suit their unique needs.

Learn more and see this coverage in action with claims examples

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Employees of EQUA's clients can receive a quote today: select plan

Personal Home & Auto

Our homes and vehicles are intrinsic to our comfort, health, and peace of mind. Personal home insurance provides physical damage and liability coverage to homes, detached private structures, and contents, in the event of an insurable loss. Whether your team members own or rent, this coverage can offer important protection for homes, cottages, and condos. 

Auto insurance provides physical damage and liability coverage for a vehicle that is driven for personal purposes. Incurring a loss is hard, but these coverages can help prevent it from being devastating.

Economical Insurance utilizes a volume-based group purchasing approach to offer exclusive discounted home and auto coverage to employees of EQUA’s clients.

Please note that Economical Insurance does not offer insurance in Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Auto insurance is not available in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

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Employees of EQUA's clients can receive quotes today:

  • For discounted home and auto coverage, call 1-866-247-7700 with the code "EQUA"

Pet Insurance

Fore more than 25 years, Petsecure has provided Canadian pet owners with innovative, veterinarian-recommended coverages for dogs and cats. Individuals can choose from four plans, each of which includes accident, illness, dental, and preventative coverage options. 

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Petsecure also offers coverage for vet exams, taxes, and hereditary conditions (as long as they are not pre-existing), along with coverage options for preventative care through their top tier plan, which offers annual wellness coverage. With EQUA and Economical Insurance, your team members can take the worry out of taking their dog or cat to the vet. 

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Employees of EQUA's clients can receive quotes today:

For discounted pet insurance, call 1-888-920-7176 with the code "EQUA"