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Whether you’re expanding your global footprint or are
worried about increased workplace violence, we can help. 

At EQUA, we have the knowledge and commitment
to these niche insurance industries that allows us to answer the tricky questions.


The risks of non-payment and non-performance can be challenging to manage. EQUA’s specialist team negotiates custom non-payment insurance policies for single transaction risk transfer and to help balance portfolios.

Coverage benefits:

Coverage of default by a public or private counterparty for any reason;
De-risk an existing final-hold position;
Minimal conditionality for banks, allowing for a reduction in Risk Weighted Assets;
Protection against political and commercial default risks;
Prudent management of country, sector, or counterparty concentrations;
Silent and confidential credit risk transfer (unlike other distribution options)
Non-payment insurance is an essential risk syndication instrument, and EQUA can help optimize your counterparty exposures.


Political landscapes can change rapidly; a country that appears stable can suddenly become a territory where business is extremely challenging. 
Political Risk Insurance (PRI) allows you to take advantage of emerging global opportunities while insuring against unforeseen government action or political unrest. At EQUA, we offer bespoke Political Risk Insurance, naming specific perils associated with overseas operations that are often excluded from other policies.
We’ll work with you to create an individual policy that is unique to your needs and obligations. 

Areas of Coverage:

Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, and Deprivation 
Arbitration Award Default
Export / Import restrictions 
Forced Divestiture 
Inability to convert or transfer currency 
Political Violence  
Can foreign government action affect your loans, physical assets or equity investments?
We can remove some of that uncertainty.


Protecting your business - your people, assets, and data – is fundamental to stability and success, especially while operating in hostile environments. In partnership with leading security specialists in London, we are proud to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all crisis response.

Areas of Coverage:

Access to international incident response consultants
Crisis Prevention and Response (response and communications support in respect of the 40+ Insured Events)   
Emergency Evacuation (Political / Security / Natural Disaster / Epidemic)
Extortive and Criminal (Kidnap & Ransom)
Reputation Risks 
Supply Chain and Product Contamination
Workplace Violence and Stalking (cover for all staff and guests whilst on the premises; endorsement for off premise cover for all staff) 
Coverage offerings include reactive and pre-emptive policy triggers
Your people are your most important asset. Let’s start protecting them today. 
Our Leader

Andy Bates

With a deep level of experience and an incredible international network, Andy is your guide to coverage that works for you.  

Contact Andy today!

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