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Cyber threats are complex and dynamic, making cyber security a challenge for businesses of any size. In addition to financial loss, customer loyalty and reputational damage are at stake if a security breach occurs. Risk management and cyber insurance are fundamental to protecting your business and your clients.

Cyber insurance products vary wildly - there are no uniform set coverages, definitions, policy terms, conditions, or exclusions in the current marketplace. Understanding these differences requires careful analysis to ensure that you receive the right placement for your business. With a rapidly changing risk landscape, partnering with the right advisors is paramount. Our cyber insurance experts are here to help. 

Pre-Breach and Risk Management

Preparing for and preventing breaches have become inseparable from insuring a cyber loss. Today, major insurance companies provide a range of in-house and third-party resources to their clients to help mitigate risks before an incident occurs, including advice on incident response planning, employee training, compliance, and security best practices. At EQUA, we work with insurance providers who specialize in cyber security - let's work together find the right partner and resources for your needs.

Cyber insurance coverage offerings:

First-Party Loss Coverage
Third-Party Liability Coverages
We're here to help ensure you have the coverage you need. 

First-Party Loss Coverages


Breach Response
Crisis Management and Public Relations
Cyber Extortion
Business Interruption and Extra Expense
Computer Replacement
Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Digital Asset Restoration
Funds Transfer Fraud
Service Fraud

Third-Party Liability Coverages


Network Information and Security Liability
Regulatory Defence and Penalties
Multimedia Content Liability
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Fines and Assessment
Bodily Injury and Property Damage
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Andy Bates

With 35 years of experience, a technical focus, and deep market relationships, Andy is your guide to Cyber insurance risks and solutions.