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Many Canadian companies believe they are protected in the case of malicious attack or terrorism, but have major gaps in coverage.

Commercial insurance policies can include terrorism, but often
exclude the majority of exposures, making coverage unreliable. It's important to understand your policy's unique definition of terrorism. 

An Exclusive Canadian Solution 

Our Political & Security Risks experts created an exclusive Malicious Attack & Terrorism insurance program for Canadian businesses that offers broad coverage to fill gaps and provide new options at a highly competitive rate.

Benefits of our Exclusive Program

  • Made in Canada - made for Canadian businesses and Canadian law
  • Comprehensive, all-inclusive malicious attack & terrorism coverage
  • One clear policy 
  • Single-page application
  • Quotations provided within 24-hours
  • CAD $50 million with higher limits available
  • Difference in Conditions (DIC) - expands on current coverage and fills gaps
  • A scalable solution that can be customized for your needs


Our team of experts specialize in creating insurance solutions that bring unprecedented value and coverage to Canadian businesses. Let's work together to protect you, your business, and your clients.

Ready to review your policy wording and obtain the coverage you need? Email Tamsin to get started now. 

Tamsin Plumptre

With a deep level of specialization and an incredible international network, Tamsin is your guide to Malicious Attack & Terrorism Insurance.

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